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Galleon Beach, Antigua
Galleon Beach
Devils Bridge, Antigua
Devils Bridge, Antigua
Silhouette, Antigua
Sunset Silhouette
The Pillars of Hurcules, Antigua
The Pillars of Hurculees
The Pillars of Hurcules, Antigua
The Pillars of Hurculees
Morris Bay, Antigua
Morris Bay
Ffryes Beach, Antigua
Ffryes Beach
../View from Shirley Heights, Antigua
View from Shirley Heights

Let us take care of the photography

Choosing a wedding photographer to capture your precious moments can be so daunting. Particularly when you are thousands of miles away on another continent. What you are dreaming of is a truly wonderful day and a stunning set of photographs to take with you into your future together as a reminder of the joy and love you shared on your special day. Antigua Wedding Photo is all about making sure this happens for you.

Our head photographer is Jason Pickering and his calm, assured and efficient manner will set you at ease and allow you to fully enjoy your day, even the photos :-). In fact, being photographed by Jason will be a fun part of the event and an experience that you will enjoy recalling when you think back to your wonderful wedding.

After several years of working with Jason, our principle photographer, Kirsti Pickering, has a very similar easy going style and approachable manner. A women's touch is one way that working with Kirsti will be different from Jason but the level of professionalism and technical ability is similarly high.

Your images - wow - will all be amazing. Your wedding photo collection will combine formal shots that record the landmark events during the ceremony (ring exchange, signing the register, cake the cutting etc), personal and candid moments - including that special look your groom gives you when he first sees you that says "you look amazing" or taking your first walk along the beach as a married couple with the sun setting in the background. You can rely on our photographers to give you memories to treasure.

Not only will our photographers capture awesome pictures, knowing just where to position themselves to capture you in the best light, they are also highly creative in the digital darkroom.

They will select and edit your images using the latest Imac desktop computers and software, balancing your images and applying special effects as necessary to specific, selected photos to create the best result for each and every shot. And the best thing of all is that all this is included in the fee.

We know that you will be anxious to see the images and to see how beautiful you looked. Our turn around time is unrivalled on Antigua and typically you can expect to have your images within 3 - 4 days of your wedding. If are on island for a few days after the wedding we guarantee to get them to you before you leave for home.

Jason Pickering - A few interesting facts

Jason Pickering is an enthusiast; not just an enthusiastic photographer, artist, scuba instructor, guitar player, yacht skipper, teacher, naturalist and PhD level biologist - but all of these. He lived aboard his yacht, Ciao, with his family for the first seven years in the Caribbean and now spends his days either working in Antigua or sailing around the Caribbean; aided and abetted by his wife, Kirsti, and their daughters Rosie, 12, and Maisie, 6.

Jason's life story is certainly not run of the mill and he feels lucky to have experienced such a wide variety of jobs and experiences that have made his a truly wonderful life. Jason has been a serious and enthusiastic photographer since as far back as he can remember but it was not his first profession. Actually, not even his second or third.

He started his professional career with 10 years as an academic university biologist. After he competed his PhD in medical Virology at Birmingham University, he worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at several universities in Oxford, Hamilton (Canada) and then London. After leaving the laboratory he worked in Sales and Marketing for two lab supply companies (one a dot com during the dot com bubble era), before he completely moved away from science to become first an expedition diving officer in the Philippines and then returning to the UK to start his own diving company.

It was during his stint as a diving officer on a coral conservation expedition on a remote island in the Philippines, that Jason's diving and life was really transformed. Learning to spot and identify more than 500 species of fish, coral and invertebrate enabled him to recognise what he was seeing and he describes this as seeing clearly underwater for the first time. A new underwater housing for his digital cameras, this new found vision and his artistic eye, allowed him to combine two of his greatest passions - diving and photography; with stunning results. He hasn't looked back since.

After a couple of years diving in the cold waters of Northern Europe Jason stepped away from diving (or dried out!!) for a short time whilst he concentrated on becoming a commercially endorsed yachtmaster, and buying and refitting a 39 foot yacht, Ciao, which became his home for the next seven years.

More recently Jason has established a more conventional base for his photographic endeavours, in his studio and home in English Harbour, Antigua. For the last 7-8 years he has focused on island based photography and has established himself as one of the preeminent wedding photographers in the area. As with many people living on a small island, he isn't restricted to a single photographic specialty and also works in the commercial, marine, yachting and advertising fields.

Kirsti Pickering - A few interesting facts

Kirsti Pickering has had an overlapping and similarly varied career trajectory to her husband Jason. As well as more recently submitting to the allure of life as a pro photographer, Kirsti is also a world traveller, scuba instructor, yachtswomen, biologist, businesswomen, manager and last but not least mother.

She finally ended up in the Caribbean living aboard her yacht, Ciao, with Jason and the girls and now spends her time working in superyacht provisioning as well as taking on increasing numbers of photographic assignments whilst trying to fit in a bit of sailing and taking care of her family. The last being a full time job all on its own.

Kirsti's life story has never been boring. She finished her school days as head girl of her local girls grammar school and then instead of heading straight to University, she took what, at the time, was the unusual decision to take a year out and travel the world. She spent the next year or so either traveling or working in Israel at things as varied as cook and crew on a tourist snorkelling boat or as an au pair for an airline pilot's kids. Eventually she gave in to the allure of further education and headed off to a human biology degree in Oxford, England. As a naturally impressive individual she finished her BSc and then secured a Wellcome prize studentship to study for a PHD at the same Uni. As you might expect she took a little time out to go traveling again before starting her PhD but did come back eventually to spend a couple of years behind the bench in the lab.

Again, not content to do the conventional thing Kirsti decided to write an MPhil instead of completing her PhD and then applied for a job she found in the Guardian newspaper and launched herself into a totally unrelated career in the medical education field. Her role in this industry was in itself pretty varied and she did stints as a writer, editor, sales person and conference organiser. After a few years in this field, working her way up to office manager and in charge of the company's sales, marketing and production staff she finally made the fateful decision to give it all up again and embark on the sailing odyessy that landed her here in Antigua.

A couple of months after the decision was made, and they had sold everything (including the dogs and cats as well as the kitchen sink) Kirsti discovered that she was pregnant with their first daughter, Rosie. This might has prompted a normal soul to change her plans but undaunted as usual Kirsti decided to follow through with her dream adventure. After a term as evening/ENTs manager at the UK Sailing Academy she very soon found herself looking after an 8 month old baby, and living on the boat she was preparing for a transatlantic crossing with her husband.

Then followed a lot of sailing a bit of bar work some light office work, and for the last 8 years she helped set up and has been runniing a superyacht provisioning company in English Harbour, Antigua. Supplying food and beverages to the rich and famous was simply not enough excitement for Kirsti and over the last few years has been working with her husband as an assistant and then as a talented wedding photographer in her own right.

Jason works with all the hotels and wedding planners on the island

Click the links to see examples of his wedding photoghraphy at the following hotels

Jumby Bay

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