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We have tried to make this website as comprehensive as possible and on this page we have tried to answer the questions that we most commonly get from our clients. For contractual reasons we are unable to publish pricing information on our website. Please contact us using the online form or email us or download our free smartphone App to get pricing.

How do we discuss our wedding and photography with you?

We understand that you may feel slightly daunted or overwhelmed at the prospect of organising your destination wedding from thousands of miles away. It is probably not going to be possible to meet with us prior to the wedding trip itself and that makes it even more important for the communications we have to be as forthright and as open as possible. We are very happy to answer any and all your questions by email and in the absence of being able to pop into our studio we try to answer all emails the same day. If email proves insufficient to answer all your concerns then we are very happy to arrange a VOIP call so we can have a face to face chat. We normally use Skype, because we can then use video, but are open to other suggestions if you have another strong preference.

Do we need to meet with you to discuss our wedding & photography?

Meeting clients prior to a destination wedding is obviously not as easy as if our studio was in your home town. However, many destination weddings in Antigua are planned as small, very private and low key events. For these weddings we have found that it is not normally necessary to meet prior to the wedding. Other weddings, involving large numbers of guests and a more traditional schedule would certainly benefit from a pre wedding meeting and we would probably suggest it even if you didn't. If after discussing your wedding photography needs we think a pre wedding meeting is needed we will suggest one. If we don't mention it, but you are very keen on a meeting, please just ask.

How many photos do you take?

Unlimited! We do not guarantee a minimum but neither is there an upper limit. We shoot more or less continuously and think it is very important that we are free to capture the special events and emotions of your wedding day, as they happen. You can’t put a number on emotion & memories. As a rough guide only you can expect to get between 100 and 150 photos from a typical 2 hour wedding shoot. We are more than happy to take specific shots or poses - just talk to your photographer on the day.

Can we customise our package?

Yes. Just start with the basic package and add the extra time or other serivces you need to create the package that suits your budget and photographic requirements. We have listed a number of optional extras on the packages page. If there is something else you want please just ask and we will be happy to quote. We will do our best to accommodate whatever you need and are always very happy to discuss things and give advice as necessary at any time.

How soon do we need to book?

There is no hard and fast rule but obviously the earlier you book the higher the chance of securing the date you want. Some couples book over a year in advance and at the other extreme we have had couples who have left it until a few days before the wedding to organise the photography. We are used to dealing with last minute bookings, and are happy to take a booking with little notice, but if you do leave it late you may find we are already booked up.

Do you travel between islands and overseas?

We sure do. Please just ask us to quote for a specific wedding location.

What about the weather and the possibility of rain?

Antigua has a very stable climate with the predominate weather being sunny with a slight chance or cloud and showers - pretty much every day of the year. Rain showers tend to be short lived and it is rare that they interfere with a wedding or other event. We are very experienced at producing breathtaking images regardless of the weather. Whatever the weather you can be assured of stunning photos taken against stunning tropical beaches and scenery.

Do we get high resolution images with our package?

Yes, the clients get a high res copy of all the images we shoot on a memory stick or DVD. We even offer digital downloads for those who prefer that.

When do we get our photos?

As long as you are on island for a few days after the wedding we guarantee to get the memory stick back to you before you return home. We are normally able to get the mem stick back to you within 1-4 days. If you are leaving island more or less immediately after the wedding - we will upload the photos to our dropbox and you can download them to your HD at your leisure. If you would like to have a hardcopy rather than a digital download: we can send you a mem stick by airmail FOC or you can opt for a faster Fedex/UPS service which we would charge at cost.

Do you reserve dates?

We will reserve a date with the payment of a deposit.

Do you print enlargements, canvas, and other display products?

Yes. We provide some amazing enlargement options for you to choose from

Do you fix and retouch our photos?

We shoots digital negatives (in Canon RAW or CRW format) and then do a minimal amount of digital processing so that the images on the mem stick are print ready. The processing that we do is limited to adjusting the white balance, colour, contrast, brightness etc…. The kind of things that we routinely used to do with regular negatives in the old film days. We also select a small number of images to make more extensive creative modifications such as adding black and white, sepia, glow and grunge effects. This latter is included in the fee and is done at our discretion on a limited selection of images. If you would like more images treated in this way or would like some images re-touched (such as : alteration of skin tones, smoothing of features, removal of skin blemishes, digital slimming, removal of people from shots and other cloning) then we are more than happy to supply this service as an extra. We also offer a digital painting option to our wedding couples and guests. A digital painting is a hand painted version of your favourite image and would be ideal printed onto canvas or other large format media for that special place in your house. Please ask for a quote.

Who owns copyright of the images and can we make prints of the images on the memory stick?

As is standard practice across the creative arts, the photographer (the creator of the work), owns and retains copyright of all photographs and images that they create. However, you will automatically get a limited licence to use the images for personal use only. You will be able to use and make digital copies of the images to show your family and friends and you can also take the mem stick to your printer and make prints of any size on any media at your own expense. You can also publish images to your own personal FB account or website if you wish as long as you credit the images to the photographer or Antigua Wedding Photo. This permission excludes any and all other uses including but not limited to commercial, advertising or marketing use. In other words you cannot sell the images, commercially exploit them or otherwise profit from them. If in doubt just ask us but in general you will be able to do all the things one would normally expect to do with your wedding photos.

What about wedding albums or prints?

Our basic packages are digital only and do not include wedding albums or prints. The reason for this is simply logistical and the high cost of making and shipping prints on a small island like Antigua. For guests who really do want prints to take home, We offer a compact flip album of 24 6 x 4 inch colour prints for an extra cost of $100 US. Ideal for that instant hit but without the added burden of a large album to cram into your luggage for the return home.

Do you offer wedding videography?

Yes, as an extra available on request. Please ask for a quote.

Do you have a dress code?

We approach your wedding with upmost professionalism and your photographer will be dressed as appropriate for an island destination wedding. Shirt, collar and no jeans.

Is there anything else we can do to prepare?

A pre wedding shoot is a fantastic optional extra to add to your wedding photography package. You'll get another set of wonderful photos and it offers you an opportunity to engage and get to know your photographer before the wedding and have even more fun.

I’m so happy with everything I’m seeing and reading, so how do we book?

Simply fill out the contact form or download our smartphone app or get in touch by phone on +1 268 770 1143. You can opt to book straight away or ask some further questions.

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